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The app is a platform, especially for the students to showcase their talent, a centre for genuine content, inspiring knowledge or creativity,
also share joyful/emotional/ memorable moments of life, through short videos.
 Its just not a platform but a just like a mentor to make better the best!


    • The ChulBul mobile app allow users to create a short video from 3 sec to 60 sec, of themselves.
    • To create a better quality video, user can choose background music from a wide variety of music genres, or add own sound, adjust speed, edit with filter.
    • By downloading the app, the user’s account is “public” by default but the user can change to “private” in their settings. Private content remains visible to ChulBul, but not visible to other users, however user can choose whether only friends / any other user, may interact with them through the app via comments, messages or “react” or “duet” .
    • If the user does not want post the videos made by him / her, can be may post whenever he/she want.
    • Users are also allowed to report accounts, either being spam or inappropriate, depending on the account’s content stored in “drafts”
    • ChulBul reassure the parents that inappropriate content for their children can be blocked and reported.
    • The feature “Duet” allows user to attach a video aside another video.
    • user can react their reaction to a specific video by using its “ react” feature , which is placed in a small window.
    • “For You” is the feature which is the feed that is recommended to user, based on their activity on the App. This is done by Ai ( Artificial Intelligence depending on kind of content liked, interacted with, or searched. User can also enjoy the content by adding their favourites to “ for you”
    • By using the feature “ follow”, user can follow other users (creators) and “ following” is the page where he/she can view videos from the accounts a user follows.
    • In the feature “saved”, user can add videos, filters, and sounds. If needed when creating a video, they can refer to their saved section, or create a video straight from it. This section is visible only to the user on their profile allowing them to refer back to any video, hashtag, filter, or sound they have previously used and saved.
    • There is feature “Live” to be used by influencers above age 18 years and having followers more than 1000.
    • There is another feature “ gifts” wherein user followers above 18 years of age can send virtual gifts. These gifts can later be exchanged for money.
    • There is also a feature “ Chat” where user can chat with other users.
    • User also can send their friends videos, emojis, and messages using this feature.